Guide for Authors

The Journal of Educational Informatics welcomes the submission of previously unpublished articles that address issues of importance in any area related to information and communication technology in education or training.

Article Preparation

Articles may be written in either English or French. Articles must be prepared .doc format with a font size not smaller than 12 points. The article’s title and the author’s full name must appear at the top of the first page followed by an abstract not exceeding 200 words in length. Referencing must follow the conventions of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Articles are limited to 5000 words not including figures, tables, and reference list.

Article Content

The Journal of Educational Informatics is a forum for the publication of original articles written in a variety of styles, including, but not limited to, investigations involving experimental, ethnographic, historical, philosophical, or case study approaches; critical reviews of the literature; policy perspectives; and position papers, curriculum arguments, and discussion of issues focusing on digital learning and educational informatics.

Article Submission

E-mail articles directly to JEI Editor

Peer Review

Articles are anonymously peer-reviewed by scholars appropriate for the topic and content.  The peer review process normally takes 4-6 weeks.

Freedom From Plagiarism

On acceptance of an article for publication, authors will be asked to sign, date, and submit a “Freedom from Plagiarism” declaration to the journal’s editor. The editor will supply the necessary form.